DNA Testing

CFA is proud to partner with Neogen MyCatScan to provide our breeders with comprehensive DNA testing for their beloved felines.

At the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), our tagline "WE KNOW CATS" is not just a slogan, it's a declaration of our deep-rooted expertise and passion. This extends far beyond understanding cat’s, it delves into the intricate world of feline history, health, behavior, care, husbandry, socialization, welfare and most importantly, genetics and DNA.

CFA Preservation Breeders are not just enthusiasts, they are true experts in the field and stand at the forefront of our mission. Their contributions to the world of cats are immense and invaluable. From breeding pedigreed cats with predictable personalities and physical characteristic continuity, to their relentless focus on understanding and mitigating health issues, our breeders embody our ethos. They understand that the health and wellbeing of cats go beyond surface-level care. It's about ethical breeding practices, careful selection based on genetic and physical traits, and the profound understanding and preservation of ancestry information.

Our breeders don't just breed cats, they meticulously shape generations through DNA testing and knowledgeable decisions.  

Visit www.mycatscan.com to order your feline genetic tests that screen for over 120 feline diseases and traits. Use the code IAMCFA to take advantage of a discount designed exclusively to support the ethical breeding practices of CFA Preservation Breeders. With this discount, each panel costs just $69.95 – a small price for peace of mind and the well-being of your cats.