Procedure for Feline DNA Collection and Mailing of DNA Samples

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For each cat to be tested, please use 4 cotton swabs or Q-Tips (purchased at local store or pharmacy). To collect DNA samples, simply follow the instructions below.

NOTE: Each sample will be bar coded when it enters the lab and specific information is anonymous to everyone but the owner.

Blood Samples

A blood sample collected by a veterinarian is accepted as an alternative sample type to the cotton swabs that can be collected by an owner at home. At least 1mL of blood is required in an EDTA (purple top) tube. Make sure the tube is labeled with the cat’s name of "Animal ID" and that the lid is secure.

Collection using Cotton Swabs

NOTE: DNA test kits are no longer being mailed. Please use the directions below to obtain your cats DNA samples for testing. Printed instructions are available as a PDF file.

Visit your local pharmacy or drug store to purchase the necessity supplies to collect your cat's DNA.

Purchase a package of cotton swabs - the brand or type does not matter.
You will need 4 cotton swabs per cat.

When removing the swab from a package, grasp only the stem and pull the swab out; avoid touching the cottony tip of the swab.

Using sharp scissors, cut the swab to remove the cotton tip at one end. You will need 4 swabs for each cat to be tested.

Important: Make sure to wait at least 30 minutes after the cat has eaten or nursed to collect a DNA sample.

Open the cat's mouth and rub the inside of the cheek vigorously with the cotton swab to collect the cheek cells, not just saliva. Repeat, using the other 3 swabs - take samples using 2 swabs on each side of the cheeks.

Young kittens have a small area inside their mouth for taking buccal swabs. We suggest you do two swabs one day and the other two swabs the second day.

Set the swabs that have DNA on them on a paper towel to dry. Do not allow the swabs to touch one another.

Put the dried swab into a paper envelope, cotton tip side down. Seal the envelope.

Be sure the Animal ID/Name on the submission form is also listed on the envelope. Include a copy of the printed order form with the shipment.

If you plan to collect from more than one cat, wash your hands between cats to prevent any cross-contamination. Repeat the above procedure, using a clean paper towel for each set of swabs. Use a separate paper envelope for each set of swabs, each with the cat information stapled to it.

NEVER place any of the samples in plastic bags or plastic tubes.

The samples should be air dried and placed in paper envelopes and NEVER in any sort of culture media.


Place the sample envelopes, each labeled with the Animal ID/name, along with the printout of your submitted order form in an envelope, and send to the address below.

Mail samples to:
     Neogen GeneSeek Operations
     Attn: Samples
     4131 N. 48th St
     Lincoln, NE 68504

NOTE: Please have the envelope weighed at the post office to ensure that the correct postage is applied when mailing samples. We suggest a "Return Receipt" or "Delivery Confirmation" option from the Post Office.