DNA Tests - Order Process and Payment

Order Process | Order Form | Collection Procedure


  • Submit information on the cats to be tested using this form.
  • Once you have submitted the order information, include your payment for the total number of tests ordered:
    • CFA DNA Test - $45.00 per test
    • Add-on Tests:
      • Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) - $5.00
      • Blood Type (BLD-AB) - $5.00
      • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in Maine Coons (HCM-MC) - $5.00
      • Albinism/Points (ALBN-PTS) - $5.00
      • Spinal Muscular Atrophy in Maine Coons (SMA) - $15.00

  • Using cotton swabs purchased at a local pharmacy, follow the collection instructions. If testing more than one cat, please wash your hands between taking samples from each cat.
  • Please have the envelope weighed at the post office to ensure that the correct postage is applied when mailing samples. Mail samples to:
         Neogen GeneSeek Operations
         Attn: Samples
         4131 N. 48th St
         Lincoln, NE 68504
  • A certificate, showing SNP testing results, will be e-mailed within 4 weeks after your samples are received in the lab. If the sample contains poor quality DNA, retesting will be required. This will add at least another two weeks if the original sample can be utilized by the lab. If it cannot, the lab will contact you and a new sample must be submitted. There is no additional charge except postage; however, this is a perfect example of being sure that you use all of the swabs. We would rather have too much DNA than too little. All excess DNA is archived at the lab.